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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Would Jesus Care About Genocide?

Probably not, Or atleast thats what it looks like.

I'm going to suggest that america cares more for tom cruises wedding,
michael jackson, and the runaway bride than the sudanese crisis. 400,000 people dead versus two celebrities getting married, What do you believe will get more coverage? Incase you say "steven we live in america, of course we are going to care more about celebrities" Remember that '86.5%' of americans are admittedly christian so you would expect atleast moderate coverage.

I know I know after Bosnia, Rwanda, and all of those "other" countries
Bush said "not on my watch" and many of us made a pledge
it would "never happen again" but I sometimes more important things come up.

lets look at how much news coverage the Sudanese genocide gets versus the other obviously more important things.

and last but not least, The good ole michael jackson case.

"Why does any of this matter?

Roughly three-quarters of
Americans state that they get their information from broadcast or cable
television. No other source of information—not newspapers, magazines,
or the Internet—comes close to the power of television to inform the

"Put simply, if television does not cover the genocide in Sudan, it does
not exist in the minds of many Americans. If it does not exist in the
public’s mind, there is no sense of urgency and no public pressure on
world leaders to do anything to stop the killing." -

In other words. Nobody hears about it, nobody speaks about it, nobody does anything

In band of brothers, there is a scene where the 101st airborne discover
a concentration close to dachau. They are overwelmed, they
immediately respond rushing into the town to gather whatever food and
water that could be scrounged from the city. The towns peope
oppose saying "why are you stealing from us?" and one of the U.S
soldiers grabs a gun and says "are you telling me you didn't know?" and
they say "Know about What?" and he says "You couldn't smell the burning
flesh, you lying mother--" the point is. This town, knew, almost
for certain of the atrocities taking place. Whether or not they
knew of the severity of the crime in the jewish concentration camp they
knew something was up, but they chose to either ignore it, or keep
there noses clean of it. We often ask ourselves "how could they
just sit by, and do nothing?". Chances are they had more
important things to do. right?

I am hoping in some way I can drag you out to the scene in sudan before the "war
is over". There won't be any "I didn't know any better" from my
friends, You have it here, I've told you, I've been told by somebody
else now i'm telling you, no exuses. If you want to shut your
ears to the screams of people dying thats fine, but don't say you
didn't know, don't say you've never heard, you've been told. I
hope to do what these men did

"German citizens from
Dachau were brought to the camp and forced to view the rotting
corpses, even though a typhus epidemic was still raging in the
camp, and the Germans had not been vaccinated.

Young boys of the Hitler Youth were brought
to see the dead bodies on the train. Mutilated corpses of SS
guards, who had been killed by the Americans after discovering
the train, were lying nearby. Before the corpses in the camp
were finally given a decent burial, the stench could be smelled
up to a mile away. When the bodies were finally taken to the
cemetery on a hill called Leitenberg for burial by the citizens
of Dachau, the horse-drawn wagons had to be driven slowly though
the town, on the orders of the American military, so that the
town's people would be forced to confront the horror of what
the Nazis had done."

"I have no convincing argument; only a prayer that your heart will be
compelled to care." -

Facts taken from


Blogger Kim said...

This is hard to read, but true. I am also a Christian and believe in the sanctity of life. I am going to start looking into things that I can do to help. Thanks

5:52 AM  
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